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TM Designs received a message from the Chairman of the Society of Marine Industries expressing concerns about their custom CMS. The CMS was challenging to update and lacked necessary functionality. In response, TM Designs conducted a thorough analysis of the issues and devised a solution that would simplify the process, saving time and effort.

Impact: The Society of Marine Industries' existing CMS was causing problems for their website updates, potentially leading to missed business opportunities. The difficulties in using the CMS required extensive training and retraining for users, which was costly, time-consuming, and necessitated hiring additional staff to handle updates.

Solution: TM Designs proposed migrating the Society of Marine Industries' website to Concrete CMS, a more user-friendly and feature-rich platform. The migration encompassed the transfer of over 700 pages and thousands of documents. To tailor the CMS to the Society of Marine Industries' specific requirements, TM Designs customized the Concrete CMS accordingly.

As part of the migration, TM Designs developed a custom plugin that facilitated data import through CSV files. Leveraging the core functionalities and user-friendly framework of Concrete CMS, this plugin streamlined the data migration process, resulting in cost and time savings for the client. It also ensured the accurate and efficient importation of data, further enhancing the website update's overall efficiency and effectiveness.

To empower the client with the ability to update the website independently, TM Designs created instructional videos and offered ongoing support. Currently, the Society of Marine Industries has engaged a marketing agency to handle their website management. The transition occurred smoothly as the agency effortlessly took over the website using the training videos provided by TM Designs. Consequently, the marketing agency can now autonomously manage and update the website, generating additional time and cost savings for the client while improving efficiency and productivity.

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