• Selling British Made Backpacks

  • Shopify Ecommerce site

  • Product Galleries and Information

  • CSS
  • Development Partner
  • HTML
  • Klarna, Klaviyo and Mailchimp Integration
  • PHP
  • Shopify Certified Partner
  • Website Redesign

When The Level Collective approached us, they were looking for an ecommerce website that would not only reflect the premium quality of their products, but also capture the lifestyle that their brand embodies. As a Shopify certified partner, we were excited to take on the challenge and create a website that would meet all of their needs.

Our team worked closely with The Level Collective to ensure that every page of their website was perfectly aligned with their existing branding. At the same time, we focused on optimizing the user journey to make it as easy as possible for customers to explore the products, learn about the company's ethos, and embrace The Level Collective's way of life.

Since the initial launch of the website, we have continued to collaborate with The Level Collective to enhance their online store. We have implemented new features, integrated apps, and made design tweaks that have helped them to realize their original vision for the ecommerce shop.

To see the results for yourself, we invite you to visit The Level Collective's website at www.thelevelcollective.com.