My name is 
Tim Macknelly

Tim MacknelllyAnd I run TM Designs. We have  enough experience and training to be one of the best web and development companies out there. We’re talking 22+ years’ experience with print, websites and branding, with in depth knowledge of development, UX design, HTML and CSS. I’ve worked with many CMS’s, WordPress and Joomla too. We are a ConcreteCMS certificated partner, with 10 years under our belt working with ConcreteCMS. Also we are a Shopify Ecommerce Certified Partner delivering online shops and sales channels to many businesses and SME's.

I used work in the print industry and have great experience of pre and post production graphics/print methods, also working with companies on branding, creating logos and branding documents

We work hard towards cost effective solutions, so even the smallest business gets a bite of the cherry.  We are an ideas driven company, and inspired by people’s business stories, it helps us to create solutions that works for my clients. We also create marketing materials, including branding and logos both for online and print.

I’ve worked in four different countries and I’ve designed websites in many different languages – and now we are ready to work with you, in whichever language you prefer, on your business, on your future, so get in touch.

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Tim is fantastic and produced a website that is perfect for my business. He has made additional changes to suit my needs. Friendly and highly recommended.

Julia Archer

Official Concrete5 Partner


Recent Work

House of Hazelwood

Concrete CMS Development and Shopify Integration Partnership

Little Dish

Working with designers to redevelop the site on Concrete CMS

The level Collective

The level Collective is a lifestyle brand selling bags and clothes via Ecommerce, built on the shopify platform.

Society of Maritime Industries (SMI)

Redesign including migrating a 900+ page website to Concrete CMS

Raison Optician

Concrete5 website design for a local family run business.

The Well Parc

A family run hotel that needed a brand makeover